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MikloBit offers design and implementation of web services for business and organizations, giving them possibility to:

  • present most actual information on website
  • keep online contact with its customers
  • integrate website with backend systems (on-line shop, ERP systems)


MikloBit is polish  TYPO3 partner and keep projects using TYPO3 system.



TYPO3 - Content Management System

Typo3 is small to medium enterprise class Content Management System ( cms ). It offers the best of both worlds: out-of-the-box operation with a complete set of standard modules and a clean and sturdy high-performance architecture to accomodate virtually every kind of custom solution or extension.


To authors, TYPO3 is a user friendly and intuitive tool, allowing content creators to produce and maintain webpages and sophisticated functions by a few clicks of th mouse.

With TYPO3 everyone can participate in web-based communication and customer relations. Seamless integration of multimedia content types and on-the-fly server-side image manipulation and generation are among the numerous standard options building a comprehensive tool box for web-based communication. Also included is an internal messaging and workflow communication system for shared authoring and collaboration.


For administrators and content managers, TYPO3 features most detailed user-rights-management options for implementing professional content creation and editing workflows. TYPO3 is a server-side platform-independent application for use with virtually every browser available.


Web developers will appreciate the complete separation of contents and surface. Therefore, TYPO3 puts no limit on design options expected by professional website creators and is easy to update and accomodate relaunches. TYPO3 is database-driven and scales easly to deliver webpages and embedded formats in an enterprise content providing environment.


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